Nativity of the Lord Catholic Church
3672 E Plankinton Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110

Parish Office - 4611 S Kirkwood Ave, 414-744-6622
Southeast Catholic Religious Formation:   

Director of Elementary Formation: (Grades K4 - 6)
Karen Bushman—414-481-0777 ext. 1117

Youth Ministry Coordinator:  (Grades 7 - 12)
Rebecca Scholz- 414-481-0777 ext. 1135

Letters for the start of classes have been mailed to all currently registered families. If you need a form call the
office or send an email.  In order to prepare for the reception of Reconciliation/Eucharist or Youth Confirmation, a
student in public school must attend one year of Religious Education prior to the year of preparation.

Elementary Religious Education Classroom Aides  - Adults are invited to join a great group of volunteers as
a classroom aide in our Elementary level Religious Education ministry in our six parish programs. Please consider
whether Jesus is inviting you! Call Karen, 481-0777.

Sacrament Preparation Registration  - If your child attends another Catholic school but you are members of
our six parish cluster group, please call or email Karen to learn about the program.

For more information go here: